About 推荐正规买球平台

Strategic Plan


Central Carolina Community College fosters individual, community, and economic development through transformative lifelong learning.


Exceptional learning for all.


推荐正规买球平台 is dedicated to providing pathways to achievable dreams by cultivating a culture of care and advocacy:

Compassion: We recognize the challenges we all face and respond to them with empathy, understanding, and a willingness to help.

Inclusion: We respect and appreciate the qualities that make each of us unique at the College and in the community.

Opportunity: Through purposeful action, we provide pathways to achievable dreams.

Integrity: We create an environment where everyone is encouraged to consistently make choices that reflect honesty and high standards.

Courage: We inspire everyone to take risks and move forward in the face of challenges and uncertainty.

People: We provide students, employees, employers, supporters, and other stakeholders with the tools, learning opportunities, and support needed to be successful.